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June 14th, 2010

Blues Clues - Part Four: Max

Sorry hun, you're going to hate me for this. <3


"Run like hell, or uh, fight."

Fight. Right. My head throbbed so badly I couldn't think straight. I couldn't see straight either. The room felt hot, sticky. The walls were oozing yellow nasty, and here was this guy standing way too close for comfort, like he had no idea he was even doing it.

"Run, I guess?" I whispered.

"Good deal, hold that diamond."

Diamond? I tightened my hand and felt it. A huge, and I mean huge, chunk of gem in my hand. His hand around my other, pulling me from the room, down the hall, out the door, down the street. Everything whirred by so fast I felt like I was going to get sick. I held my breath, just in case. I don't know how long we ran, but my side hurt, my feet hurt, my stomach was threatening to flip again. And the angry yells were so far off now that I couldn't even hear them anymore.

We stopped at the edge of town where the woods began, huffing and panting like two sled dogs that had been run far too long. I hated this feeling. This out of shape, sweat pouring all over me, I must smell like Hell and look very unattractive feeling.

"Would you mind telling me what's going on?" I asked.

"Sure. Give me the diamond for safe keeping, and I'll tell you all about it."

I squeezed my hand around the rock. "I don't think so. If everyone wants it, its got to be worth something, and how do I know you have honorable intentions for it? No. I think I will keep it and you can tell me what the deal is with this entire situation. Starting with my black out."



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