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Blues Clues - Part Four: Max

Sorry hun, you're going to hate me for this. <3


"Run like hell, or uh, fight."

Fight. Right. My head throbbed so badly I couldn't think straight. I couldn't see straight either. The room felt hot, sticky. The walls were oozing yellow nasty, and here was this guy standing way too close for comfort, like he had no idea he was even doing it.

"Run, I guess?" I whispered.

"Good deal, hold that diamond."

Diamond? I tightened my hand and felt it. A huge, and I mean huge, chunk of gem in my hand. His hand around my other, pulling me from the room, down the hall, out the door, down the street. Everything whirred by so fast I felt like I was going to get sick. I held my breath, just in case. I don't know how long we ran, but my side hurt, my feet hurt, my stomach was threatening to flip again. And the angry yells were so far off now that I couldn't even hear them anymore.

We stopped at the edge of town where the woods began, huffing and panting like two sled dogs that had been run far too long. I hated this feeling. This out of shape, sweat pouring all over me, I must smell like Hell and look very unattractive feeling.

"Would you mind telling me what's going on?" I asked.

"Sure. Give me the diamond for safe keeping, and I'll tell you all about it."

I squeezed my hand around the rock. "I don't think so. If everyone wants it, its got to be worth something, and how do I know you have honorable intentions for it? No. I think I will keep it and you can tell me what the deal is with this entire situation. Starting with my black out."

Part 21: As told by Theodore Sharp

When Shaun dragged me inside, I immediately felt extremely awkward and out of place. These people already knew each other. I made a crack about Shaun and I not being gay in a futile attempt to lighten the mood. Everyone just stared, and I offered a slight smile.

That was when I realized they were sharing information about themselves. Maybe I wasn't so far behind after all. While Shaun told his story, I studied the people around me. I had known Shaun for close to ten years now... his story wasn't anything new. Against my will I found myself judging and categorizing the people around me based on who I thought I would like and who I thought I wouldn't like, as well as who was a douche and who was nice.

After awhile I realized the only one in the positive stack was Shaun, and I felt a little depressed at that. Was I doomed to have no friends forever?

Either way, the stories were progressing. When it got to me, I stayed silent for a moment before speaking. "Um. I'm Theo. I'm also the kind of person who doesn't like to share his past, since the past is the past, and it's already gone, you know?" They all stared at me like I was crazy. "Um, well, anyway... Shaun and I are... were? ...roommates. I have a cat, and I enjoy reading and studying in my free time." I allowed for a pause. "Next?"

The rest of the group told their stories, too. I made a mental note to try and remember names... I knew it wouldn't work. Sighing to myself as everyone started to pack up, I glanced beneath my chair. The little shadow-cat was still there. If you looked at it right, it almost looked like a REAL cat. I shook my head and followed Shaun as he grabbed a key to our rooms. The shadow-cat followed me, and the cute girl who had been talking to Shaun earlier followed the cat. Or, well, I guess she followed me. I don't think she noticed the cat tagging along at my heels.

Anyway, when we got to the room the door fell on me. Then, as I was looking under the bed, I pulled out an Ouija board right before the bed collapsed on me. I was not having a good night. The shadow-cat looked like it was mocking me.

Shaun and the girl started fooling around with the Ouija. I counted the letters: "Take me with you." They thought it was a good idea. I was indifferent. The girl decided to stay in the room with us, which I didn't mind too much either. The bed was hard, but I made to, lying down on my side. I flinched away when the shadow-cat joined me, its form shifting and coiling until it was in the shape of a dog again, though one not so half as large as the one it was when I first met it. Trying to avoid touching it (which was hard, since it had decided to curl up against my chest), I fell into an uneasy sleep.



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